Cheap Flights to Angola, Africa

The heaven of clean tropical beaches, the home of mesmerizing art deco, the majestic canyons of Cubal, the Hot springs of Conde and Alto Hama, the musical waterfalls of Cachoeirasm, Ruacana and Binga, the plains of Waku Kungo, the stunning Arco Lagoon, the Desert of Namibe, the gleaming Benfica Market, the exhilarating adventures of Game Viewing, Water sports and the list goes on. This is Angola - the home of wonders.

It is the unlimited, uncountable attractions, timeless adventures and matchless experience of Angola that differentiates if from the rest of the world. Thousands of travelers fly to this land of adventures each year with many who visit once and keep coming back year after year. The capital of Angola and the scenic city Luanda remains packed with travelers, tourists and visitors returning back home. Where this makes Angola a busy destination, it also initiates competitions between airlines, air fares and cheapest flights to Luanda Angola. To make your selection easy, we have brought here all that there is for flights to Angola.

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Travel Guide for Angola, Africa

The people of Angola are stoics. They have a deep understanding of patience, and they know that it will always turn out right, no matter what, because now peace has been brought. They can go to school, play, dance, work, and live without fear. One thing that isn't there today will arrive and be here tomorrow. Life is a truly Angolan art.

Get In
A minimum of 1 year is required on your passport any less and you may be put in prison! This has happened to some people on arrival. Visas are necessary for everybody, and cost $50.00 per month. Angola is also the most expensive country in Africa to visit. One spends approx. $100.00 per day in Luanda and other parts of the country.

By plane
There are flights via Johannesburg, and direct from Europe and The US. Delta Air Lines offers flights from Atlanta to Luanda via Sal Island starting June of 2009. Lufthansa offers nonstop service via Frankfurt. There are also flights from Lisbon, Paris and London. TAAG Angola Airlines also has two weekly direct flights to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil There is also the Houston Express a charter run by SonAir for the oil industry. Leaves Houston Mon, Wed, Fri.

By train
There are a few short passenger lines, but they are not very safe. Angola once had a vast rail network whilst it was governed by Portugal, which has fallen into disrepair. It is currently being repaired.


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